Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour Dance Jam

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Multiple Dates


Monthly online dance jam for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour
facilitated by Leslie Heydon and with live music by our music in resident musician Nilan Perera. The Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour Jam (BIPOC Jam) consists of a warm-up, a dance jam, and time to chat.
The BIPOC jam is an Affinity Space for anyone who self-identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour.
It is a space in which to:
~Dance and connect with other POC.
~Explore the impact of marginalization on our bodies and our movement
~Share about our experiences
~ share knowledge
~Allow for differing levels of involvement & participation
~Be vulnerable & unedited
Come and dance... stay for tea & a chat.
Leslie Heydon
Nilan Perera
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Free (you may make a donation if you want but it is not expected)
Jam: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Chat: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) - 7:00 am
Mountian Daylight Time (MDT) - 8:00 am
Central Daylgiht Time (CDT) - 9:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) - 10:00 am
Brasilia Standard Time - 11:00 am 
UTC - 2:00 pm
British Summer Time (BST UTC+1) - 3:00 pm
Berlin (EST UTC+2) -4:00 pm
Moscow (MSK UTC +3) - 5:00 pm
India (IST UTC+ 5:30) - 8:00 pm
Singapore (UTC +8) - 10:00 pm
China CST UTC +8 - 10:00 pm
Japan (JST UtC + 9) - 11:00 pm
Australia (AEST UTC + 10) - 12:00 midnight
New Zealand (NZDT UTC + 13) - 3:30 am
January 9
February 6
March 6
April 17
May 1
June 5
Leslie Heydon- Facilitator
Leslie Heydon grew up in a household of amateur yet dedicated dancers and remembers her grandmother going out to dance Saturday nights in her gold sparkly shoes. She has a bachelor's degree from U of T (Major in Psychology, Specialty in Fine Arts). Leslie trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist at the CREATE Institute and worked in addictions for over 10 years in specialized programs for women and black youth, providing individual therapy and facilitating groups. She also completed an Outward Bound training program in Outdoor Leadership (cert in White Water Rescue and Wilderness First Responder). Her passion is to explore and guide, whether in the wilderness outdoors or in the internal wilderness of the soul. Twenty years ago, Leslie started dancing 5 Rhythms. In January 2016, after various toe-dipping over the years, she began the practice of Contact Dance Improvisation in earnest. Of her many learnings in CI, the most recent is: one can dance CI all by oneself or with groovy gymnastic props. 
Nilan Perera- Resident Musician
Nilan has been a consistent presence on the creative music scene in Toronto, Canada since 1984. Since then he has produced concerts and festivals in Toronto, had a radio show at CIUT-FM for 16 years (serving as Program Director and Station Manager) as well as being involved in many of the cutting edge music, dance, and interdisciplinary ensembles that have achieved recognition and notoriety in Toronto and beyond. He has performed and recorded with Jandek, Martin Tétreault, Susanna Hood, Vinnie Golia, Don Preston, Sarah Peebles, David Toop, Roswell Rudd, Sumihisa Arima, John Butcher, Evan Parker, John Oswald, Michael Snow, Michael Ondaatje, Mary Margaret O'Hara, and Don Thompson. He has also been working as a writer of reviews and articles for the national music periodical: Exclaim!

Leslie Heydon 
Leslie Heydon and REAson d'etre dance productions. 
Picture of Detlin Sejours, Leslie Heydon, and Vivek Patel by photographer

REAson d'etre dance productions has operation funding for the Toronto Arts Council

REAson d'etre dance productions

REAson d'etre dance teaches and inspires the public about contact dance improvisation, dance/theatre, and functional movement through the creation and production of classes, workshops, jams, films, performances and festivals that teach healthy body mechanics and use dance, vocalization, text and physical theatre to express the human condition.

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